Friday, April 3, 2015

Feral Kizzy (Long Beach, CA)

Born and bred in Long Beach, CA, Feral Kizzy is a sultry/thrashy assault on the senses.  With the 60’s garage feel of The Detroit Cobras, the synth edge of The Missing Persons, and the punk hostility of Bikini Kill; Feral Kizzy is at the epicenter of the exploding Long Beach local music scene right now.

Feral Kizzy is Kizzy Kirk (vocals), Brenda Carsey (keyboards, vocals), Johnny Lim (guitar), Kevin Gonzalez (bass) and Mike Meza (drums).  Johnny, Kevin and Mike drive the rhythm and beats in the back, laying down the aggressive baselines and punishing cadence of dirty garage rock while out front, Kizzy Kirk and Brenda Carsey cut the crowd in half with full frontal femme sexiness and riot-worthy aggression. 

Kizzy Kirk is a rock star, plain and simple. She is unbridled, unpredictable, and her energy is contagious as she writhes across the monitors, strikes Ziggy Stardust poses, and charges through the crowd with mic-in-hand belting out her poetic verses.  Kizzy Kirk is Patti Smith, Janis Joplin and Joan Jett rolled into one seductive, hot mess.  

While Kizzy rips the mic, the hypnotic keys and angelic harmonies of Brenda Carsey blend in seamlessly behind her adding a synth sugar that offsets that thrash spice.  This unique combination of good and evil is an exhilarating balancing act that keeps the listener on their toes as Feral Kizzy is raw and aggressive while still remaining fun and danceable.  Being at a Feral Kizzy show is like being softly kissed and openhanded slapped at the same time.

Like the cherry on top of the already burgeoning Long Beach local music sundae, Feral Kizzy is a garage/femme/funk/thrash blast for the ears and eyes and should not be missed.

Feral Kizzy’s self-titled debut EP is available online at

The much anticipated full length album, Slick Little Girl (deriving its name from the Lou Reed song “Make-Up”) is scheduled to hit later this summer (2015).  Find out more info at:

Photo credits: Luka Fisher and Robert Ibarra

Thursday, March 26, 2015

LoveyDove (Los Angeles, CA)

It’s time to jump into your time machines and rocket back through the rings of Saturn to the LSD 60’s with the groovy and harmonic boy/girl duo of LoveyDove.

LoveyDove is a homegrown band out of Los Angeles, CA that is as visually interesting as they are sonically enjoyable.  The group is Dan West (Fender VI, guitars, keys, vocals) and Azalia Snail (keys, vocals, percussion) who take you on a cosmic journey of sights and sounds as they treat you to psychedlia, soul, pop, and melodic electronica.   Euphoric harmonies accompany cleverly placed lyrics that range from introspective and dreamy to fun and playful, and the Lovey Dove live performance is unlike anything seen in LA.  

The band invites you on a starship adventure that is a treat for the senses with space disco lighting effects, shimmering costumes, and a thoughtful narrative between the songs that describes the sound journey that is unfolding.  The performance engages the audience and transforms any club into a vehicle for interstellar travel.  What is most attractive about LoveyDove is that they are so unabashedly themselves.  They are bold and confident with their sound, their style, and the sonic landscape they wish to create when they are on stage.

As a music critic, we often see the same (or similar) acts over and over again out in clubs around LA and the OC.  However, when you see LoveyDove, there will be no turning back.    So, it’s Orange Blossoms all around at the Aerospace Lounge tonight.  Get up and get your boogey on or just trip out as you lean back in your beanbag chair because here comes LoveyDove!

LoveyDove's self-titled release is available at

LoveyDove's new album, ShowStopper, is due out later this year (2015).  Find out more at

List: Travel Time

Since we're on the road (again), here are some songs about just that!

1. Plane - Jason Mraz

2. Port of Call - Beirut

3. Ramblin' (Wo)man- Cat Power

4. Roadtrippin' - Red Hot Chili Peppers

5. Southside - Moby

6. Paris, Tokyo - Lupe Fiasco

7. Wanderlust - The Weeknd

8. Paper Planes - M.I.A.

9. Air Balloon - Lily Allen

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

List: Tangos In Musicals

Borrowed from the delightful brain of Tank Hughes, here's a list of some of the finest tangos in musicals.

1. Tango De Amor! – Addams Family Musical

2. Tango: Maureen – Rent
3. Hook’s Tango – Peter Pan
4. Cell Block Tango – Chicago
5. Tango de Roxanne – Moulin Rouge

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Heathen Apostles (Los Angeles, CA)

Out of the City of Angels comes a devilish new band with a dark twist on classic American country, bluegrass and murder balladry. The Heathen Apostles  offer a sound that combines gothic and punk overtones with edgy lyrics of murderous love, outlaw crime and damnation.  These heathens have been making a stir around Southern California during the past 2 years and just recently appeared at the annual Ink N Iron Festival at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

Now, when you first gets a glimpse of the Heathen Apostles, it is hard not to do a double take. This band casts a dark shadow over the crowd as they enter and appear more closely to funeral entertainment for a 19th century downed gunslinger versus an LA club night with twenty-something hipsters in the crowd pecking away at iPhones.  However, with head-to-toe blackness, vintage Victorian-era attire, stern countenance and a wide array of instrumentation, the shear visual of the band can be both alluring and overwhelming. The final blow comes from the diva front woman, Mather Louth (Radio Noir) who normally takes the stage with full funeral head vale, jet black lipstick and pale white skin. Mather out front of this group mystifies the crowd with haunting gazes and enigmatic poses throughout the performances, which transmits both beckoning and threatening signals at the same time.

HA may have roots in many genres, but their combined sound is altogether their own. The band touts familiar names such as Chopper Franklin (The Cramps) on guitar and Stevyn Grey (Christian Death, 45 Grave) on drums, but other band members round out this musically tight and original arrangement including Thomas Lorious (The Kings of Nuthin’) on an upright bass, Viktor Phoenix (Dessau) on both banjo/mandolin and the talented Luis Mascaro on fiddle.

The songs of HA range all tempos and emotions.  From the fast-paced, boot-clicking tunes of ‘Without A Trace’ and ‘Forget Me Not’ down to the somber murder ballads of ‘Before You Go’ and ‘Dark Was The Night.’ The crowd is never stuck in a monotonous or monochromatic musical experience.

HA has a tight musical delivery, an innovative dark approach and an unforgettable stage performance that stays with you long after the performance is over. The Heathen Apostles are not your typical night out on the town and definitely should not missed, as we might be seeing an ushering in of a new genre with possible copycat bands soon to follow.

Heathen Apostles will be playing various shows in and around Southern California including The Hippy Killer Hoedown 2015 in Perris, CA.  Visit the band’s website or follow them on Facebook for more info.

Full length album, Boot Hill Hymnal and 3-song EP, Without A Trace, now available at

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hot Chip Announces US Tour Dates in May

Live in Portland for the first time since 2012 and behind their just announced new album Why Make Sense (due out in May) don't miss the return of Hot Chip! These cute little dance floor party-makers have been gone too long.

We've gotten a report that each album will have individual artwork. There will be color variants and subtle design differences that when combined lead to unlimited combinations! 

If you need some tunes to make your day a little better, here's the video for the first track off "Why Make Sense"

Not in Portland? That's ok! Hot Chip still loves you. Here are the tour dates:

Tue 05/26/15
Thu 05/28/15
Sat 05/30/15
Sun 05/31/15
Tue 06/02/15
Wed 06/03/15
Thu 06/04/15
Fri 06/05/15

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

American Horror Story Recap: 4.1 "Monsters Among Us"

We begin in Jupiter, Florida, 1952, where a milkman enters a house where his previous delivery remains untouched. The fancy house still has dinner set on the table, and an elderly woman dead next to the table. As he recoils, he hears a thumpity-thump and heads upstairs with the infalliable weapon choice of a rolling pin to investigate. What he thumps...we don't know. But it is rushed to the hospital and we see it's feet on a gurney being pushed down a hallway. The left toes are painted. The right ones are not.

A doctor and nurse in the hospital are looking at xrays, there's one bladder, three kidneys, two spines, four lungs, two hearts. The doctor is trying to play it cool but the nurse keeps staring instead of taking notes.

Enter the belle of all the American Horror Story balls, Jessica Lange, walking down a hospital hallway. She charms her way past a young candy stripper and gets her own outfit to see the double spined wonder. She gives the stripper a card for “Frauline Elsa's Cabinent of Curiosities” and says the only by entering can she know it's secrets. I bet we hear that line again!

In the hospital room, is the thing itself, conjoined twins. Sarah Paulson takes on this tricky role, and it seemed the editing/effects were a little clunky. Also, after hearing that there are 4 lungs and seeing only their heads are separate, they looked awfully small in the ribcage. When Elsa gives Left a drag on her cigarette, Right exhales, which would contradict the 4 lungs. Until we're told otherwise, the two heads are Right and Left, and we see that Right is not swayed by Elsa's initial compliments. Left, however, is sold on the idea that someone is nice and chatty. Elsa questions them about their sex life: two hearts but one reproductive system.

In an open field, a young couple are getting busy when the young man says he has a surprise back in the car for her. While she waits laying on the picnic blanket, her tulle playing in the wind, we meet everyone's new favorite character, who I am calling Stabby McStabberstiens. I'm sure he has a real name but I don't care.
Tattered suit, matted but still colored pom poms for buttons, an oversized dusty pink rose on his three tufts of colored, dirty hair and a huge creepy grin from a mask implanted into his face. He bows before the confused and scared lady and offers her fake flowers. The young man comes back and Stabby gets mad and earns his name by, well, stabbing him. Excessively. He's clearly not heard of the 'bros before hoes' adage.

A stereotypical diner has Elsa reading the papers and clipping movie reviews of Marlena Dietrich. She has a whole notebook of similar reviews, which doesn't seem obsessive at all. She sees a slick fellow flirting with her waitress. She knows him and interrupts by asking him to try her lighter. He tells Elsa that they all have to move away from the field they're renting. But Elsa has a plan. When the waitress asks her to close out her check, Elsa says it's on the house because stars never pay.

In a lovely house, girls in dresses are discussing their husbands' lack of sexual appetite. A woman emerges from the back room looking happy and diseveled. The host announces it's the next girls turn. When she gets to the room, we see the guy from the diner, Jimmy. His fingers are melted together in twos, sorta like the penguin's. The girl lays on the bed and he turns his “deformity” into a “proformity.” Just doing what he can to make the world a better place.

Elsa confronts the twins, or more accurately from Right, who silences Left mentally. But Left is eager to talk. Sadly, she just blabbers and Elsa calls her on her just using the plot of Gaslight. Elsa recommends they get their story straight before the cops come.

Stabby McStabbersteins is wandering through a house while a radio reporter talks about the 4 brutal murder in the past two weeks. Stabby takes Corey, the 8 year old boy. In the next scene, we find out where. He's being stored in a cage on a bus along with another, older girl. He takes his time showing them things, apparently trying to put them at ease but then laughs when they ask to leave. He shakes noise makers at them and then tries making balloon animals. When it goes askew, and the balloon pops, the kids startle and then he just gets mad and throws balls at the cage to scare them more. Clearly these children aren't ready for such showmanship.

Right and Left are packing when Elsa drops by to chat. Elsa has it figured out. Bette (Left) wanted to go out to a movie and ended up killing their mom when she says no. Dot (Right) could have stopped her, but decided to later stab Bette in the chest. Both girls are stuck and confused as to what Elsa wants, until Elsa explains that she simply wants them. Cue the twins walking to the entry of the freak show; Bette feeling free and hopeful, Dot far more weary and concerned.

Bette is sold on the 'bigger the star the bigger the tent' life with fancy things. Dot writes in her diary that she's not thrilled. Until she meets Jimmy Darling, who sends her a wink. The bearded lady is Kathy Bates and she's charged with preaching the gospel of Elsa. Elsa, she says, rescued her. More to come later, I imagine. Dot says they aren't anyone's trained monkey and won't perform. But Ethel explains this is the best possible outcome.

Jimmy and his friends are putting up an ad for the Siamese sisters when a car drives by throwing crap at them and calling them freaks. That will come back I'm sure.

Candy striper ruins Elsa's movie night by saying she wants to leave. Elsa calmly explains that she is just feeling the opium and can but not speak of her time here. Candy is all “hell no! I was ravaged!” and wouldn't you know, the movie Elsa is watching of Candy with.....pretty much everyone. “There's nothing to be ashamed of,” Elsa explains. The monsters are the people of the little towns, she explains. They don't have souls, and everyone is living the life they choose. Elsa is informed that the show has sold out for the night, every single seat.
Turns out Jimmy is Ethel's son and he wants out. But Ethel's God is Elsa. Jimmy sounds like he just wants to live a life outside the freak show. Ethel's compromise is telling Jimmy to get the twins to like it at the show. When a cop comes to arrest the twins for their mother's murder, Jimmy get pissed and impulsively stabs the guy in the throat. Dot is in TRUE WUV when he uncuffs them. “You saved us,” she said. “Now you save us,” he replies. And Dot is now a believer!

So who bought out the show? A man and his mom. Dandy is the son and he's a weirdo, making his

On to the show! Ethel is the announcer,showing off the line up and Dandy is so amped. But no more so than when he sees the sisters. And then we see Elsa Mars. Her talent? Singing on a cardboard rocket while in a periwinkle suit and Hedwig makeup. Now I'm not sure you can make Jessica Lange ugly. But the super tight old lady perm hair and horrid makeup come close. But so much glitter and everyone's working together! It's like the end of Rocky Horror, Hedwig and Rushmore. Elsa finishes her song to realize noone

Dandy wants to buy the Siamese Sisters. His mother (Francis Conroy) offers 15,000 “and not another penny unless she grows another head.” Dot turns them down to Elsa's delight. They're a family now. Dandy's mom leaves by throwing shade on Elsa's singing. Stabby rides the carosel, all alone.

After the show, Jimmy leads the crew to the woods and preaches about being left alone. And how if that's can't happen, they should rise up and take the happiness they deserve. If they want to call us monsters, we're gonna act like monsters, he says. He looks at Dot. “And that means you, because you're one of us now.” She swoons. Then they stab the ever-loving shit out of the cop's body as Stabby looks on from the woods. Could this be his home?

Ethel and Elsa have confession time where Elsa shares that her reason for bringing on the twins is so people will come, hear her sing and then she'll become famous. She cries and her cakey make up runs. Her hair flattens. She listens to “Auf Weidersein.” She pops her prosethic legs off. Maybe growing up with school shooting and Iraq wars has numbed me to missing limbs, but to me I was waiting for flippers or bird heads. She just doesn't have anything below the knees? That's not freaky.

The future:
Is Stabby part of the crew? He wasn't in the dance number. Elsa wants to stay and his rampant stabbings will bring a lot of unwanted attention. Any truce they forage will be temporary. Chiklis is apparently not Stabby, and Stabby has a name. Booooo. My love for either is untarnished. We'll talk about each next time.

Bette's head is always to the side which looks like a strange photoshop, not like something that she could hold for any amount of time. Yes, I'm saying there'd be a huge muscle strain if your second neck and head were constantly askew. They both have bob haircuts, but Bette's is always lopsided. Just saying.

Oh yeah, those kids are still locked in the cage somewhere. I hope Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConeghey show up and bust them out.

Coming up this season: Emma Roberts is back as a freak show head hunter/possible fortune teller. Angela Bassett is the 3 boobed hermaphrodite. Jimmy volunteers Dot to sing and she busts out Fiona Apple's “Criminal” to the ire of Elsa. She's going to need to kill her meal ticket. Stabby is bought/stolen to be a private clown for Dandy, which could set up a war of the freaks since Dandy and his mom seem to not like the “unbreakable” family ties of the show.

Everyone is about showbiz this year. And discrimination. And skeletons mimicking sex. And two heads, sometimes switched.  And protecting your people, though I'm sure that will fall asunder by the next episode. :) Bring it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Anyway you slice it, Jade is no longer a Magnetic Zero

Jade Castrinos, the forefront female in Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros, seems to have her summer freed up. Last night she wasn't onstage for a show in Atlanta and quickly after there was a brief "she said/they said" over Instagram and Twitter. Jade posted on Instagram that the break up was over email a week before their tour kicked off; the remaining Zeros posted on facebook that to believe it was that simple and quick is to "have no idea who we are."

When we covered them live last fall, we gushed about Jade. There is no doubt that whatever the reason(s) for her departure, Jade will land on her feet. She has a great voice and looks like a little cherub I'd like to put on my mantle. It should be noted that Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros will also be just fine. To think that a band of any size doesn't have turmoil is naive. The magic is when they stay together and are able to make awesome music for as long as they can. While I don't see Jade becoming an alt-metal icon, it will be interesting to see where she chooses to go from here.