Monday, May 25, 2015

BCG’s - Angel Lust EP

From Los Angeles, the BCG’s have emerged to concoct a disturbing and ferociousness groove that thumbs its nose at any sense of conformity.  The BCG’s are not for the faint of heart. What they are is a full contact musical experience landing somewhere between thrash, disco punk and horror pop. They have the creepiness of The Cramps, the energy of The Misfits and the dark synths of Praga Kahn. Their debut release, Angel Lust, is deranged, hostile, and really catchy.

Joel Zimmerman is violent on vocals, disobedient, belligerent and disorderly. He sounds like Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat on both LSD and amphetamine simultaneously. Joel has the energy that could power a small city or summon the ghost of a 22-year-old Jack Grisham in a séance. The rhythm section of BCG’s is Mikey Cabral laying down thick bass lines akin to The Strokes at certain times and Korn at others. Jose Roldan jams in the swanky guitar fills and effects while Francisco Hernandez bangs on deep tom tom drums that produce big timpani-styled booms and the keys that slice through the choruses of these songs like bombs falling from the sky in a WWII air raid.

The BCG’s make an art out of lyrical exhibitionism. Their words are dark, scoffing and hell bent on targeting underbelly aspects of life and putting them on display for all to see. With themes such as drugs, cutting, and pedophile priests, the BCG’s take archetypal mockery to a whole new level. What happens when our heroes are flawed? What happens when the systems that we trust fail us? What happens when our frustrations hit a boiling point? Well, the BCG’s are there to witness it with apocalyptic funk and groovy horror sounds as they deliver their clever narratives on the world as they see it.

“I like to look at myself cry in the bathroom mirror, while sliding my fingers over your pink razor…I like to leave bloody fingerprints when I shush your swollen lips” (from Sid & Nancy Boi)

The underground punk scene is not dead anymore with the BCG’s on the job. Along with the rest of the Records Ad Nauseam army, they are slowly pushing through the surface and poking their fingers into the eyes of every pop fodder machine that exists in this YouTube generation. These are the next wave of kids taking the pop model and any preconceived notion of wide-appeal sound and tossing it in the wood chipper. You can’t listen to Angel Lust and not have a reaction. It is the stuff of frustration, disorder and the inevitable lashing out that occurs under that pressure…the makings of any good riot.

Angel Lust by BCG’s is available for purchase and immediate download at: Angel Lust EP

Also, be on the look out for the BCG’s collaboration with Terminal A on the forthcoming single “Klaus Barbie Dreamhouse.”  Check out Records Ad Nauseam for more info.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dead Sara @ Fingerprints

Los Angeles-based Dead Sara recently treated their fans to (2) exclusive in-store performances at the local vinyl bins of Amoeba Music (Hollywood, CA) and Fingerprints (Long Beach, CA).  These performances were a kick starter to promoting the band’s sophomore release, Pleasure To Meet You, but they also featured a rarely assembled acoustic version of Dead Sara with some unique renditions on the band’s favorite powerhouse rock anthems. 

The crowds started amassing in front of the doors at Fingerprints as early as 3:00pm. Those dedicated fans that preordered the CD or Vinyl record of Pleasure To Meet You ahead of time received priority entrance to this general admission event and upon being let in, ran quickly through the store's aisles to claim their 2-feet-from-the-band, front row positions. The lucky fans were allowed to be close enough to the band that they could have strummed Siouxsie and Sean's guitars for them.

Dead Sara entered from the back of the crowd, pushing their way to the front in their typical tongue-in-cheek/photobomb manner, eventually taking their perch upon four high stools only inches away from those in the front row.  After a quick thank you to the crowd for coming out, the band immediately ripped into Test On My Patience and Radio One Two with the crowd jumping right in, clapping out the downbeats and loudly singing out each lyric. Sean Friday and Siouxsie Medley skillfully plucked away on acoustic guitars and sang back-up vocals in hushed tones behind Emily Armstrong's sing screams and stunning vocal power that was in no way lost in this acoustic version of the band.  In the background, Chris Null shook a handheld shaker while brushing a single snare and stomping on what I later found out was Siouxsie’s guitar case, using it as an improvised bass drum. The whole show was very informal and extremely intimate.  It was like we were all in the band’s living room for a spontaneous jam session during a housewarming party.

The band had a surprise halfway through the set when they launched into a risky folk-inspired cover of Nirvana’s “Sliver,” transforming the notorious grunge track into a roots rock country ballad.  They completely nailed it along with the other songs they performed that night.  I sincerely hope that after these 2 appearances, Dead Sara decides to record an all-acoustic album at some point or these powerful renditions will be lost. They brought the all-too-short show to a close with their infamous “Weatherman,” rocking it with just as much energy as they do with the full electric compliment. 

After the show, the band moved to the front of the store where they signed posters, CD's and other memorabilia and of course, posed for countless photobombs until the last of their diehard fan base had left the store.  It was an amazing night and a rare treat for both longtime fans and newbies alike.

Pleasure To Meet You is now available on CD, 12 inch Vinyl, and digital download.  Find out more at Dead Sara

Photo by Susan Proctor
  Photo by Susan Proctor
 Photo by Eric Walden

Friday, April 3, 2015

Feral Kizzy (Long Beach, CA)

Born and bred in Long Beach, CA, Feral Kizzy is a sultry/thrashy assault on the senses.  With the 60’s garage feel of The Detroit Cobras, the synth edge of The Missing Persons, and the punk hostility of Bikini Kill; Feral Kizzy is at the epicenter of the exploding Long Beach local music scene right now.

Feral Kizzy is Kizzy Kirk (vocals), Brenda Carsey (keyboards, vocals), Johnny Lim (guitar), Kevin Gonzalez (bass) and Mike Meza (drums).  Johnny, Kevin and Mike drive the rhythm and beats in the back, laying down the aggressive baselines and punishing cadence of dirty garage rock while out front, Kizzy Kirk and Brenda Carsey cut the crowd in half with full frontal femme sexiness and riot-worthy aggression. 

Kizzy Kirk is a rock star, plain and simple. She is unbridled, unpredictable, and her energy is contagious as she writhes across the monitors, strikes Ziggy Stardust poses, and charges through the crowd with mic-in-hand belting out her poetic verses.  Kizzy Kirk is Patti Smith, Janis Joplin and Joan Jett rolled into one seductive, hot mess.  

While Kizzy rips the mic, the hypnotic keys and angelic harmonies of Brenda Carsey blend in seamlessly behind her adding a synth sugar that offsets that thrash spice.  This unique combination of good and evil is an exhilarating balancing act that keeps the listener on their toes as Feral Kizzy is raw and aggressive while still remaining fun and danceable.  Being at a Feral Kizzy show is like being softly kissed and openhanded slapped at the same time.

Like the cherry on top of the already burgeoning Long Beach local music sundae, Feral Kizzy is a garage/femme/funk/thrash blast for the ears and eyes and should not be missed.

Feral Kizzy’s self-titled debut EP is available online at Feral Kizzy EP

The much anticipated full length album, Slick Little Girl (deriving its name from the Lou Reed song “Make-Up”) is scheduled to hit later this summer (2015).  Find out more info at: Feral Kizzy

Photo credits: Luka Fisher and Robert Ibarra

Thursday, March 26, 2015

LoveyDove (Los Angeles, CA)

It’s time to jump into your time machines and rocket back through the rings of Saturn to the LSD 60’s with the groovy and harmonic boy/girl duo of LoveyDove.

LoveyDove is a homegrown band out of Los Angeles, CA that is as visually interesting as they are sonically enjoyable.  The group is Dan West (Fender VI, guitars, keys, vocals) and Azalia Snail (keys, vocals, percussion) who take you on a cosmic journey of sights and sounds as they treat you to psychedlia, soul, pop, and melodic electronica.   Euphoric harmonies accompany cleverly placed lyrics that range from introspective and dreamy to fun and playful, and the Lovey Dove live performance is unlike anything seen in LA.  

The band invites you on a starship adventure that is a treat for the senses with space disco lighting effects, shimmering costumes, and a thoughtful narrative between the songs that describes the sound journey that is unfolding.  The performance engages the audience and transforms any club into a vehicle for interstellar travel.  What is most attractive about LoveyDove is that they are so unabashedly themselves.  They are bold and confident with their sound, their style, and the sonic landscape they wish to create when they are on stage.

As a music critic, we often see the same (or similar) acts over and over again out in clubs around LA and the OC.  However, when you see LoveyDove, there will be no turning back.    So, it’s Orange Blossoms all around at the Aerospace Lounge tonight.  Get up and get your boogey on or just trip out as you lean back in your beanbag chair because here comes LoveyDove!

LoveyDove's self-titled release is available at

LoveyDove's new album, ShowStopper, is due out later this year (2015).  Find out more at

List: Travel Time

Since we're on the road (again), here are some songs about just that!

1. Plane - Jason Mraz

2. Port of Call - Beirut

3. Ramblin' (Wo)man- Cat Power

4. Roadtrippin' - Red Hot Chili Peppers

5. Southside - Moby

6. Paris, Tokyo - Lupe Fiasco

7. Wanderlust - The Weeknd

8. Paper Planes - M.I.A.

9. Air Balloon - Lily Allen

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

List: Tangos In Musicals

Borrowed from the delightful brain of Tank Hughes, here's a list of some of the finest tangos in musicals.

1. Tango De Amor! – Addams Family Musical

2. Tango: Maureen – Rent
3. Hook’s Tango – Peter Pan
4. Cell Block Tango – Chicago
5. Tango de Roxanne – Moulin Rouge

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Heathen Apostles (Los Angeles, CA)

Out of the City of Angels comes a devilish new band with a dark twist on classic American country, bluegrass and murder balladry. The Heathen Apostles  offer a sound that combines gothic and punk overtones with edgy lyrics of murderous love, outlaw crime and damnation.  These heathens have been making a stir around Southern California during the past 2 years and just recently appeared at the annual Ink N Iron Festival at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

Now, when you first gets a glimpse of the Heathen Apostles, it is hard not to do a double take. This band casts a dark shadow over the crowd as they enter and appear more closely to funeral entertainment for a 19th century downed gunslinger versus an LA club night with twenty-something hipsters in the crowd pecking away at iPhones.  However, with head-to-toe blackness, vintage Victorian-era attire, stern countenance and a wide array of instrumentation, the shear visual of the band can be both alluring and overwhelming. The final blow comes from the diva front woman, Mather Louth (Radio Noir) who normally takes the stage with full funeral head vale, jet black lipstick and pale white skin. Mather out front of this group mystifies the crowd with haunting gazes and enigmatic poses throughout the performances, which transmits both beckoning and threatening signals at the same time.

HA may have roots in many genres, but their combined sound is altogether their own. The band touts familiar names such as Chopper Franklin (The Cramps) on guitar and Stevyn Grey (Christian Death, 45 Grave) on drums, but other band members round out this musically tight and original arrangement including Thomas Lorious (The Kings of Nuthin’) on an upright bass, Viktor Phoenix (Dessau) on both banjo/mandolin and the talented Luis Mascaro on fiddle.

The songs of HA range all tempos and emotions.  From the fast-paced, boot-clicking tunes of ‘Without A Trace’ and ‘Forget Me Not’ down to the somber murder ballads of ‘Before You Go’ and ‘Dark Was The Night.’ The crowd is never stuck in a monotonous or monochromatic musical experience.

HA has a tight musical delivery, an innovative dark approach and an unforgettable stage performance that stays with you long after the performance is over. The Heathen Apostles are not your typical night out on the town and definitely should not missed, as we might be seeing an ushering in of a new genre with possible copycat bands soon to follow.

Heathen Apostles will be playing various shows in and around Southern California including The Hippy Killer Hoedown 2015 in Perris, CA.  Visit the band’s website or follow them on Facebook for more info.

Full length album, Boot Hill Hymnal and 3-song EP, Without A Trace, now available at

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hot Chip Announces US Tour Dates in May

Live in Portland for the first time since 2012 and behind their just announced new album Why Make Sense (due out in May) don't miss the return of Hot Chip! These cute little dance floor party-makers have been gone too long.

We've gotten a report that each album will have individual artwork. There will be color variants and subtle design differences that when combined lead to unlimited combinations! 

If you need some tunes to make your day a little better, here's the video for the first track off "Why Make Sense"

Not in Portland? That's ok! Hot Chip still loves you. Here are the tour dates:

Tue 05/26/15
Thu 05/28/15
Sat 05/30/15
Sun 05/31/15
Tue 06/02/15
Wed 06/03/15
Thu 06/04/15
Fri 06/05/15